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Breaking Organization Silos and Driving Collaboration

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Silo Mentality in Organizations - Bernward Monch, MD, TMI - Germany

Silo Mentality in Organizations - Bernward Monch, MD, TMI - Germany

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Enhanced Need of Collaboration in the Digital World

- Sumit Sahni, CEO and Partner, InspireOne

Imagine that you are working for a large hospital. In order to “get closer” to your customers, your hospital decides to install “video-pods” in all the key societies in the city. Through the video-pod, patients can virtually meet with the Doctor of their choice without having to travel to the hospital. The doctor is able to use a bot (powered by augmented reality) to check the patient. The doctor prescribes a blood test, which is performed instantaneously. Basis the report, a prescription is printed, the customer then scans the prescription on “Medicine Dispenser” and receives the medicines...

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A Collaboration Initiative for a Pharmaceutical MNC

Their new leadership team for India was formed wanted to work together as “one team”.

The leadership team comprised 10  leaders including  the MD (who was the head of one of the merged entities), the heads of SBUs and heads of functions, and the head of the other merged entity. The team was a mix tenure team.


- Shalu Bhuchar, SME - Customer Experience and OD

"We’d like to develop our leaders as we are poised to expand explosively”

Said an HR leader in one of our BFSI client organizations as we started this year, with a faraway, hopeful and determined look in her eyes. The intended audience – very senior leaders, heads of business units and functions in their own right.

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Value Creation Capacity  of Top Teams

- Deepak Mohla, Managing Director, InspireOne

In the Digital world, expectation from leaders & leadership is going to be in multiples of what was experienced till just a couple of years ago. It is expected that the singular leadership model would give way to a pluralistic and networked leadership model which would act as ONE - in unison and in harmony with each other. Complete TEAMWORK!!


Our leaders would be faced with situations demanding multiple skills – quite a few they may not possess. Hence the need for a “pluralistic leader”, embodying more than one person! 

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On A Lighter Note

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Glasbergen on Team Collaboration


Whubble on Teamwork

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